The Last Mile

The goal of every organization delivery products or services is to improve its productivity, efficiency and cutomer satisfaction. The challenge is to obtain and utilize the right tools and information to achieve these goals. IDLS has been designed to satisfy these requirements.

After more than 10 years of innovation, IDLS provides all of the functionality that a home delivery operation needs for its daily operations. Please see a general description of these features below.

Client Communication

IDLS is designed to take advantage of every opportunity to automate communication with your clients computer systems. This includes receiving order information via flat file or EDI transmission, as well as sending delivery or invoice information to the clients system. IDLS can be customized to process or provide any format that your client might require.

Scheduling, Routing and Manifesting


IDLS provides the ability to group the zip codes of your service area into easier to manage territories or ‘Regions’. You can then limit the number of deliveries that can be scheduled in each of these areas to avoid overbooking. These deliveries can be assigned delivery doors, stop time windows, and stop numbers automatically based on the best route, or special customer requests. All manifests provide a list of the deliveries that a particular driver is going to deliver, as well as allowing the driver to provide a clear indication of the final delivery status.

IDLS supports the use of third party mapping and routing tools, even embedding them into the application so that there is no data import/export required.

Returns and Truck Check-In

IDLS provides the ability to track all merchandise that leaves the warehouse for delivery. Upon return to the warehouse, your team will have a very clear understanding of the exact merchandise that should be on the truck. Once checked in, IDLS will automatically update it’s inventory to reflect that a piece was delivered, or that the merchandise is back in the warehouse due to a non-delivery.


X2_warehouseIDLS tracks every piece of merchandise from every order that is entered into the system. IDLS will know whether the merchandise is scheduled to arrive and prevent scheduling of delivery prior to this date. Additionally, IDLS provides many tools to map your warehouse locations with bin number to enable easier cycle counting.

Invoicing and Driver Settlements

IDLS provides a rule-based engine for calculating a stop price based on a large set of criteria. You simply define your contract rates once, and IDLS will automatically apply the appropriate rate for each stop. In addition, IDLS has the ability to calculate fuel surcharges automatically. We have full support for accessorial and occupancy charges.

IDLS also provides the ability to pay your contractors using the same rule-based stop price engine. This includes support for accessorials and minimum route guarantees. Included in this feature is the ability to schedule deductions that will be automatically taken from a contractors settlement. These deductions could include workers compensation and insurance premiums, truck rentals, fuel reimbursements, or anything else that occurs in your operation.

Reporting and Performance Measurement

dash ex line graphIDLS maintains a comprehensive view of all of the activity that occurs within your operation, and provides access to this information through a variety of reports. IDLS will also notify you of certain conditions that may require immediate attention every time you log in.

Client Portal

IDLS provides a web-based portal that allows your clients to view information on their orders. Access to the portal is controlled through the IDLS security system, where you can specify not only who is allowed into the portal, but which orders that person is allowed to view. This allows you to provide the same web portal to all of your clients, without worrying whether they are allowed to see each others information.

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